Business Law

Before launching a new business there are many things to consider. First, it is important for you to decide who will take the risk, who will do the work, how the profits will be shared and who will be responsible for the debts incurred.

There are other questions that may not have occurred to you. What will happen if one of the partners dies? What if one wishes to get out of the enterprise? Attorney Michael Mehrmann specializes in helping small businesses, like yours, get off to the right start. He has the experience and business expertise to advise you as to what type of entity satisfies your tax needs and provides the best governance structure for your new business.

Attorney Mehrmann will discuss these and many other questions in an attempt to build a strong foundation for your business. While no amount of planning can eliminate all of the risk of doing business, an effective business start up attorney can position your new venture for future success.

Whether you are in Duxbury, Plymouth or closer to the greater Boston area, Michael Mehrmann has law offices close to you. We have offices in Boston and conveniently located on the South Shore, in Kingston, MA. Call or contact us to schedule a business start up consultation today.

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